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What is Cloud Computing?

What is Cloud Computing? Cloud Computing can be known as “the cloud”, in basic terms this process deals in collect or acquiring your data and programs over the internet rather than your own hard drive. Let us know the types of clouds now: Public Cloud:Under this deployment mode, the services which are deployed are open […]

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What is Cognitive Computing

What is Cognitive Computing? Cognitive Computing can be termed as individual technologies that perform specific tasks to facilitate human intelligence. Therefore, these are intelligent decision assistance systems that have been working with since the beginning of the internet boom. With latest trends in technology, these assistance systems simply use better data, better algorithms in order […]

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Types Of Learning In Artificial Intelligence

Types Of Learning In Artificial Intelligence Artificial Narrow Intelligence Artificial General Intelligence Artificial Super Intelligence AI can evolve in the above mentioned steps, rather than the 3 types of Artificial Intelligence. Let’s understand each stage in depth. Artificial Narrow Intelligence (ANI) This process is referred as Weak AI, ANI is the stage of Artificial Intelligence […]

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Skills Required For Hadoop Developer

Skills Required For Hadoop Developer The Hadoop Developer generally Plans, assemble, positions, Configures and assists Hadoop System. They are hired for Translating complex functional and technical requirements into detailed documentation and performs analysis of huge data stores to uncover insights by maintaining security and data privacy. Skills Required by a Hadoop: Basic knowledge of Hadoop and its Eco-System. Should have basic Linux to execute some of the basic commands. Knowledge on […]


What is Web Development

What is Web Development? Web Development is generally the functions attached with developing websites for hosting via intranet or internet. Designing, content development, client-side scripting and network security configuration is an important function for any websites. Single page website or complex site, both should have all the above mentioned process to make your website live on […]


Computer Security Risks

Computer Security Risks Computer Security Risks are possible hazard that can possibly affect the normal tasking of your computer. In recent times Cyber Risks are rapidly expanding as the total world is going digital. The most harmful types of computer security are: Viruses A computer virus is a vicious software or program which is inserted […]


Why Brand Management

Why Brand Management? A corporate brand is what sets a company apart from a vast number of similar companies. A strong brand is what guides potential clients in your target audience to buy your product instead of your competitor’s product. It includes an array of elements, working together to form the perception of a brand. This includes […]

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