What is E-Learning?

What is E-Learning? Did you know that almost everyone who uses a computer has completed some type of e-learning? Perhaps it was called web-based training, or online learning, or computer-based training, but it’s all under the same e-learning umbrella. It can encompass a wide variety of online initiatives. A good, broad way to think about […]


The Next Big Thing in Software consulting

Let us briefly examine what do we understand by software consulting? Software consulting is efficient and experienced the third party that serves expert knowledge to a firm for software and technical related service for certain fees.It is generally used when outside/expert Opinion is needed for Business Decision Making Process. Software Consulting As Business Model:-As we […]


Understanding Digital Marketing Channels

Understanding Digital Marketing Channels Digital marketing always aims at a specific cluster of the customer base and is interactive. Digital marketing contains various channels such as search result ads, email ads, and promoted tweets – anything that incorporates marketing with customer feedback or a two-way interaction between the company and customer.Internet marketing differs from digital marketing. Internet […]