Top Artificial Intelligence Technologies

Top Artificial Intelligence Technologies

Let us discuss top artificial technologies in details:

Natural Language Generation

Communication can be more problematic and tricky even for humans in some scenario. Therefore, for machines to pass information is completely different as compared to the human brain, and it can be extremely tricky and complex. Natural Language Generation is a part of AI that changes text into data and assists the systems to communicate ideas and thoughts as clearly as possible. This process is largely used in consumer service, widely, to create reports and market summaries.

Speech Recognition

Speech Recognition is the process to transform and change human speech into a useful and comprehensive configuration for computer applications to process. The recording and change of human language into useful formats is witnessed often nowadays and is growing rapidly.

Machine Learning Platforms

Machine Learning is the process of computer science as well as an important branch of Artificial Intelligence. Its major importance is to create modern and innovative techniques that help computers to learn and hence become more intelligent.

Virtual Agents

This process can be known as a computer agent or a program that has the capability to interact effectively with humans. This process is used in customer service through Chat Bots as well as a smart home manager. Companies such as Apple, Google, Amazon, Artificial Solutions, Assist AI, Creative Virtual, IBM,and Microsoft.

Decision Management

AI devices have the potentiality of introducing logic to AI systems in order to make them ready to be used for training, maintenance and tuning. This process can be used for the business expansion and gains, decision management is already being used by organizations by incorporating it into their applications to excel and execute automated decision.

AI Optimized Hardware

For delivering good and improved graphics as well as central processing units, equipment’s are being structured and used to execute AI based activity specifically. A major example of this is the AI optimized silicon chip which can be inserted into any portable device. Larger companies are investing a lot in AI to improve the next generation of applications.

Deep Learning Platforms

This process is a form of machine learning that duplicates the neural circuits of the human brain to process data and prepares patterns for decision making. Under this process, algorithms use artificial neural networks. Major examples of its applications are automated speech recognition, image recognition and prediction of anything that can be sensed in the digital sphere.

Robotic Process Automation

RPA refers to the operating of corporate processes that duplicates human tasks and automate them. In this scenario, it is necessary to keep in mind that AI is not meant to replace humans, but to assist and complement their skills and talent.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

NLP aims on the relationship between human languages and computers. It involves text analytics to analyze the structure of sentences as well as their interpretation and intention through machine learning. This technology is largely utilized in fraud detection and for security analysis.


This process deals with the recognition, measurement and analysis of the physical features of the body’s structure, form and human behavior. It encourages and improves organic interactions between machines and humans as it works with touch, image, speech and body language. It is largely used for the purpose of market research.

Cyber Defense

This is a computer defense mechanism that aims to find, prevent and mitigate attacks and threats to data and infrastructure of systems. This process that are capable of processing sequences of inputs can be put to use along with machine learning techniques to create learning technologies in order to reveal suspicious user activity and detect cyber threats.

Content Creation

However content is created by people working on videos, ads, blogs and white papers; Big brands are using AI to generate content.

Emotion Recognition

This type of AI system allows emotions expressed by humans to be read and interpreted using advanced image processing or audio data processing. Law enforcers often use thus technology during interrogation.

Image Recognition

This Process of AI refers to the process of identifying and detecting a feature in a video or an image. It assists the process of image searches greatly as well as detects license plates, diagnose diseases and study personalities.

Marketing Automation

Marketing and sales teams departments have implemented AI and benefited a lot from it in return. Process comprising AI through automated customer segmentation, customer data integration and campaign management are widely used.



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