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Types Of Learning In Artificial Intelligence

Types Of Learning In Artificial Intelligence

  1. Artificial Narrow Intelligence
  2. Artificial General Intelligence
  3. Artificial Super Intelligence

AI can evolve in the above mentioned steps, rather than the 3 types of Artificial Intelligence.
Let’s understand each stage in depth.

Artificial Narrow Intelligence (ANI)

This process is referred as Weak AI, ANI is the stage of Artificial Intelligence involving machines that can perform only a narrowly defined set of specific tasks. In this stage, the system does not possess any thinking ability; it just performs a set of pre-defined functions.

Artificial General Intelligence (AGI)

This process is also known as Strong AI, AGI is the stage in the evolution of Artificial Intelligence wherein machines will possess the ability to think and make decisions just like us humans.
Presently there are no real time examples of Strong AI, Therefore, it is believed that we will soon be able to create machines that are as smart as humans.

Artificial Super Intelligence (ASI)

This is the stage of Artificial Intelligence when the capacity of computers will exceed human beings. This stage is presently a hypothetical situation as represented in movies and science fiction books, where machines have taken over the world.

Types of AI

If anyone proposes you to explain the different types of Artificial Intelligence systems, you must explain them based on their functionalities.
Depend on the functions of AI-based systems; AI can be divided into the following types:

Reactive Machines AILimited Memory AITheory of Mind AISelf-aware AI

Reactive Machine AI

This is the type of AI in which machines operate solely based on the present data, taking into account only the current situation. Reactive AI machines cannot set up reasoning from the data to evaluate their future actions. This system can perform a short range of pre-defined tasks.

Limited Memory AI

As the name itself Limited Memory AI, can make informed and improved decisions by studying the past data from its memory.

Theory of Mind AI

This step of AI is a more advanced type of Artificial Intelligence. This process of machines is invested to play a major role in psychology. This AI generally focus mainly on emotional intelligence so that human believes and thoughts can be better comprehended.

Self-Aware AI

This is the stage where machines have their own consciousness and become self-aware. This can be more dangerous situation for human-being. This type of AI is a far more advanced compared to the present circumstances available. Therefore, in the future, attaining a stage of super intelligence might be possible.



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