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Skills Required For Hadoop Developer

Skills Required For Hadoop Developer

The Hadoop Developer generally Plans, assemble, positions, Configures and assists Hadoop System. They are hired for Translating complex functional and technical requirements into detailed documentation and performs analysis of huge data stores to uncover insights by maintaining security and data privacy.

Skills Required by a Hadoop:

Basic knowledge of Hadoop and its Eco-System.

Should have basic Linux to execute some of the basic commands.

Knowledge on technologies like MapReduce, Pig, Hive, HBase.

Have to handle Multi-Threading and Concurrency.

Should have knowledge of ETL tools and Data Loading tools like Flume and Sqoop.

Must have hand full knowledge with Scripting Languages like Pig Latin

Good Knowledge of Query Languages like HiveQL

Roles and Responsibilities of a Hadoop Developer

Now, we will discuss about the key topic of this blog, the “Roles and Responsibilities of Hadoop Developer“. Every company has its own operations running on its data and the developers associated will also have to fulfill the respective roles accordingly.

Strong grip of Hadoop and its Eco-System

Should have the basic suit that provides the solution to big data is mandatory. The basic elements of Hadoop, which are the HDFS and MapReduce should be learnt. Data processing tools like Hive, Pig, Sqoop. And therefore, mastering the data management and monitoring tools like Flume, Zookeeper, Oozie.

Flexible with Linux and execute dome of the basic commands

If you are entering into the world of Hadoop, then there is chances that you might start learning Hadoop using any of the popular distributions like Cloudera CDH and the Hortonworks HDP.

These frame-works assist you speedup learning by providing a tailor-made platform where most of the services in the Hadoop ecosystem are already running. You can start writing MapReduce jobs right away.

These frameworks mainly use one of the Linux flavours. For example, Cloudera CDH uses CentOS. Should have some comfortable understanding of Linux and its knowledge will help to improve your learning curve.

Hands-on Experience with Hadoop Core Components

Hadoop can be termed as future technology. Therefore, preparing real-time and data-driven decisions happens to be a crucial move. It can be attained when you get real-time hands-on experience with the Hadoop systems.

Developing Hadoop and implementing it with optimum Performance

The major importance of Hadoop is to provide High-Performance oriented data systems. The processing of coding algorithms like MapReduce in an efficient way and balancing the load among all the available nodes in the cluster.

Ability to Load data from different data sources

Data is being generated every single second. The sources are limitless. Every single piece of electronic equipment generates data. Starting from the sensor to the satellite. This system should be capable to load in the data from multiple sources for the domain it is designed for.

Design, build, install, configure and support Hadoop system

The process in a Hadoop System are vital and important, A Hadoop Developer should be capable to install, build and configure a Hadoop System.

Potentiality to translate rigid technical requirements in a design.

Hadoop is the most famous technology used at a global level and different companies using it has their own requirements. Developer should be expertise enough to decode the requirements and elucidate the technicalities of the project to the clients.







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