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Native Mobile App Development

Benefits of Native Mobile App Development

Best Performance
With the help of native mobile app development, applications is created and optimized for a specific platform. As an outcome, the applications demonstrate an extremely high level of performance. The apps build on these applications are very quick and responsive because they are built for that specific platform and are compiled using platforms core programming language and APIs. As an outcome, the app is much more efficient. Smart devices store the app allowing the software to leverage the device’s processing speed. It is easier and convenient to users who surfs with a native mobile app, the contents and visual elements are already stored on their phone which means load times are quick.

More Secure
generally web applications depends on different browsers and underlying technologies such as JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS. Constructing a native mobile app is a good platform to guarantee your users reliable data protection.

Native Apps Are More Interactive and Intuitive
Native mobile apps generally operates much smoother regarding user input and output. These kind of applications receives their devices’ OS interfaces, making them look and feel like an integrated part of the device.

The most important advantage of native mobile apps is the superior user experience. Native apps are made especially for an operating system. They stay glued to the set rules and frameworks that ultimately enhance and align the user experience with the specific operating system. As an outcome, the move of the app is more natural as they have specific UI standards for each platform. This permits the surfer to know the app, such as deleting an element quickly. Sticking to specific rules reduces the learning curve and permits users to interact with apps using actions and gestures they’re familiar with already.

Permits Developers To Access The Full Feature Set Of Devices

These kind of apps are made for their particular platform, taking full advantage of the software and the operating systems’ features. Native apps can directly control the hardware of the device such as the GPS, camera, microphone, etc. this is the reason they are faster in execution, which ultimately results in better user experience. Push notifications are another major advantage to select native app development. Push notifications passes by iOS server (APNS) which you need your app bundle ID and same with Google’s Cloud Messaging (GCM).

Chances To Have Fewer Bugs during Development

There is more difficulty in maintaining two different applications in one codebase than it is two applications in two codebases. With the assistance of native app development, Developer has fewer chances for bugs to occur because you’re not relying on a cross-platform tool such as Xamarin or Cordova. Hybrid apps can control hardware through a bridge which often slows development down and can amount to a frustrating user experience.

This issue is important when new versions of Android and iOS are released. Developers have total control over new software development kits (SDK) to start making their applications with the most recent features. The users of these applications have control to new platform features once they update the operating system.

The disadvantage of having to wait for the third-party developer of the hybrid tool to implement the bridge to new operating system features. With hybrid app development, we are dependent on a cross-platform development tool such as Xamarin or Cordova. As new features are released in the UI kit, we need to wait for the tool to support it. When you develop a hybrid app, there’s an added layer that you don’t have control over which can increase the chances of bugs occurring. System Bugs are a huge issue for hybrid app development when working with the latest features that had released for a particular operating system. This is an essential and often overlooked part of generating loyalty among users.



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